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The Mae Designs Jewelry Story...

Like most joy-filled things in life, Jewelry making began as a hobby. Fed up with department store prices and poor customer service, my friend Marsha and I began a quest to find quality materials to make our own jewelry.  That search led us to Lisa, a bead store owner who taught us everything she knew as she happily supported our "bead habit".  


Over the past 10 years, we've grown more sophisticated in our approach which has led us to include metal working and stamping, thanks to Carlos' love of tools.  We use natural gemstones, sterling, brass, bronze and gold. We  combine many of our passions into our collections.....with more to come.  


The name "Mae" has double meaning: my initials, Mary Ann Elizabeth, and the name of my Maternal Grandmother.  We never met, but I've been told that she was beautiful, one of a kind and loved by everyone......much like we are hoping you will find our designs.


Carlos and Mary McEvilly-Hernandez

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